8 months passed

Salam wbt. It has been a long time i didn’t write a blog post. The last entry was in March lol. 8 months passed. Time do fly really fast ya. Actually there are not much activity i that i do past 8 months. I’m working yo. It really difficult to apply for leave because my travel partner is also in the same department, so if 2 people take leave together it’ll be difficult to adjust the schedule (my department got 5 permanent person, with additional 1 or 2 person… rarely). My department applied shift system, hence it’ll difficult to join other activities plan by my other colleagues because i also work on Saturday and Sunday ….. and Public holiday. But don’t misunderstood me.. i don’t hate shift system ok. haha

So let me recap the activities that i managed to do past 8 months:

March – Holiday to Sabah (10 days)
April – Back to Terengganu (my hometown)
May – Work trip to Johor Bahru (5 days)
July – Back to my hometown in Terengganu for raya (~12 days)
September – Trip to Sibu and Mukah during EidAdha Holiday. (4 days)
October – Hiking at Gunung Gading, Lundu and visit Jangkat Waterfall (2 days)
November – Terengganu again 10 days..(where my heart is) . But i started falling in love with Sri Aman. how?

For December, I’m actually planning for another hiking activity but the roster maker seem reluctant to let us take leave (it’s just for 2 days btw) (**I nak EL lah klau camni hihi just kidding). Later i’ll write a post for my Sabah Trip and Hiking Trip, insyAllah.

Till then, see u . Bye.


Sri Aman, Sarawak

Salam wbt. Lama x menulis kat sini. Nak kata sibuk, tak jugak.. xde idea kot. hehe.

Hmm what i’m gonna write today? Okay let me introduce Sri Aman.. Btw i’m not a Sri Aman local, i’m just a government servant working here till a certain time. Some day, i’ll return back to my hometown but now let me just stay here, far away from the people that hurt and lie to me. I’m missing my family a lot.

Actually i’m new to Sri Aman town. Sri Aman is just a small town that u can finish round/pusing2 in just 1 day, and few places for food. Not for food hunter la kot. I didnt really know a lot of place to eat, but hey here i name a few:

  1. Benak Sensation.
    Serve dinner. Got fried rice, plain rice and also other heavy food. There also lighter meal like nugget or fries if u just want to sit there and chit-chating with ur friend. So far i’ve tried Nasi Sotong Penyet (basically consist of plain rice and fried sotong and sambal). Ok la, not bad. I’m not a picky eater.
  2. Tandang Sari.
    People usually go here for lunch. If i’m not mistaken, the restaurant is close on Tuesday. Served indonesian/malaysian style food (nasi lauk campur, nasi goreng, also got nasi arab and many other) but if u come here a bit late ~1.30pm above, there usually not much food left. My colleague has her favourite menu –> nasi goreng ayam bagi pedas2 everytime we eat there. Haha. But she’s already transfer back to Semenanjung.
  3. KFC
    No need to introduce this one. Everybody know uncle Colonel. LOL
  4. Popular Foodcourt
    Here, there’s mixture of chinese and malay stall. I haven’t try here yet. My friend recommend Laksa Penang by a Malay stall over here. (The only laksa penang in Sri Aman i think?)
  5.  Fast food chain : Singapore Chicken Rice (SCR), Sugarbun, Honeybee
  6.  Honeybee also have bread, bun, cake and patisseries.

There are also other places to eat..ask local people in sri aman for further info. haha. k bye


Salam wbt.

Happy new year 2016 to all. Wishing all the goodness and prosperities for us along this year. So my resolution for 2016 are quite a few. Haha. Let me list down some of it:

  1. Actually i want to stop buying new perfumes. I’ll use all the perfume i brought previously till the last drop then i’ll consider getting a new one. Well, i wanna see if i can achieve this goal or not. Ohh perfumes. Lol~
  2. I want to save money. Full stop.
  3. I want to save more money. Haha
  4. I’ll be careful in accepting ‘friends’ invitation for ‘tea-time’ or ‘bbq’ because i dont want to fall into the trap of MLM meeting/brainwashing!! Can u let me eat in peace please?
  5. Baking at least once in a month. (currently i’m baking nutella cupcake, still in oven. hmmm omg the smell is so good. I’ll update later if i’m satisfied with the taste lol)
  6. Never let my family down. Helping them is one of my duty.

Okay, i think thats all for my 2016 resolution. Maybe i’ll add more. Opss i forget. I want to start eating healthy and reduce fatty meal. I think i already gain much2 weight in 2015.

Hmm.. ok. Bye.

A view from a river near my current house. Waiting for April. Have Benak Festival each year.

Orchid Garden, Kuching

Hi all. Good morning~

As I promised previously, I’m gonna post about my trip to Orchid Garden, Kuching. I went there with my friend, Miss S,  of course with her car, coz I didn’t have one. Hehe

The entrance fee in nada! Nil! Free entrance, I like! Teehee. Went there ~ 11.00 am becoz someone woke up very late ehemm *clear throat* . It’s located near Astana. If you are from Kek Lapis Shop, it’s about 3 km journey from there. Better go during morning or late evening, to avoid being directly under the sun, very hot u know. Recommended for orchid-lover, especially emak2. Not really sure if bapak2 will enjoy this place or not. Hehe.

So here some pictures I managed to snap. Dont ask me the specific name for the orchid. All I know is this flower is called Orchid, that’s all. Haha












Actually there’s also a cold house? for Orchid that it’s natural habitat is at a lower temperature, but the house is under renovation during my visit last time.

We spend about 1 and half hour inside the garden and then went to fill our grumbling stomach. It’s lunch hour already. After moments of difficult  discussion of which place to eat, we decided to go to My Mom’s Laksa near Petrajaya. I ate Laksa Sarawak. It was delicious. Recommended for whoever come to this restaurant. They do have other food in menu, but I really crave for Laksa Sarawak at that time. 🙂



K , see u again next entry. Assalamualaikum.

Breath again


Hi!. This is my second blog as my previous blog can’t be access, might be due to expired email address. haih~

Actually, it has been 1 year I’ve not written anything on my blog. Such a long hiatus. My blog is like my online diary, so that one day (if i’m still living and breathing in this beautiful world) i can read again what i’ve jotted down in this blog, all the sweet, bitter and sour memories that i’ve experiencing in my life, and a place to pour down emotions, to lessen the burden in my heart.

Till then, take care. See u in the next entry. Have a nice day.

Good night.

p/s: I would like to improve my english skills in writing, hence most of my posts will be in english. (reader: hmmm…. like I care~ duhh.. kekeke)