8 months passed

Salam wbt. It has been a long time i didn’t write a blog post. The last entry was in March lol. 8 months passed. Time do fly really fast ya. Actually there are not much activity i that i do past 8 months. I’m working yo. It really difficult to apply for leave because my travel partner is also in the same department, so if 2 people take leave together it’ll be difficult to adjust the schedule (my department got 5 permanent person, with additional 1 or 2 person… rarely). My department applied shift system, hence it’ll difficult to join other activities plan by my other colleagues because i also work on Saturday and Sunday ….. and Public holiday. But don’t misunderstood me.. i don’t hate shift system ok. haha

So let me recap the activities that i managed to do past 8 months:

March – Holiday to Sabah (10 days)
April – Back to Terengganu (my hometown)
May – Work trip to Johor Bahru (5 days)
July – Back to my hometown in Terengganu for raya (~12 days)
September – Trip to Sibu and Mukah during EidAdha Holiday. (4 days)
October – Hiking at Gunung Gading, Lundu and visit Jangkat Waterfall (2 days)
November – Terengganu again 10 days..(where my heart is) . But i started falling in love with Sri Aman. how?

For December, I’m actually planning for another hiking activity but the roster maker seem reluctant to let us take leave (it’s just for 2 days btw) (**I nak EL lah klau camni hihi just kidding). Later i’ll write a post for my Sabah Trip and Hiking Trip, insyAllah.

Till then, see u . Bye.