Salam wbt.

Happy new year 2016 to all. Wishing all the goodness and prosperities for us along this year. So my resolution for 2016 are quite a few. Haha. Let me list down some of it:

  1. Actually i want to stop buying new perfumes. I’ll use all the perfume i brought previously till the last drop then i’ll consider getting a new one. Well, i wanna see if i can achieve this goal or not. Ohh perfumes. Lol~
  2. I want to save money. Full stop.
  3. I want to save more money. Haha
  4. I’ll be careful in accepting ‘friends’ invitation for ‘tea-time’ or ‘bbq’ because i dont want to fall into the trap of MLM meeting/brainwashing!! Can u let me eat in peace please?
  5. Baking at least once in a month. (currently i’m baking nutella cupcake, still in oven. hmmm omg the smell is so good. I’ll update later if i’m satisfied with the taste lol)
  6. Never let my family down. Helping them is one of my duty.

Okay, i think thats all for my 2016 resolution. Maybe i’ll add more. Opss i forget. I want to start eating healthy and reduce fatty meal. I think i already gain much2 weight in 2015.

Hmm.. ok. Bye.

A view from a river near my current house. Waiting for April. Have Benak Festival each year.