Orchid Garden, Kuching

Hi all. Good morning~

As I promised previously, I’m gonna post about my trip to Orchid Garden, Kuching. I went there with my friend, Miss S,  of course with her car, coz I didn’t have one. Hehe

The entrance fee in nada! Nil! Free entrance, I like! Teehee. Went there ~ 11.00 am becoz someone woke up very late ehemm *clear throat* . It’s located near Astana. If you are from Kek Lapis Shop, it’s about 3 km journey from there. Better go during morning or late evening, to avoid being directly under the sun, very hot u know. Recommended for orchid-lover, especially emak2. Not really sure if bapak2 will enjoy this place or not. Hehe.

So here some pictures I managed to snap. Dont ask me the specific name for the orchid. All I know is this flower is called Orchid, that’s all. Haha












Actually there’s also a cold house? for Orchid that it’s natural habitat is at a lower temperature, but the house is under renovation during my visit last time.

We spend about 1 and half hour inside the garden and then went to fill our grumbling stomach. It’s lunch hour already. After moments of difficult  discussion of which place to eat, we decided to go to My Mom’s Laksa near Petrajaya. I ate Laksa Sarawak. It was delicious. Recommended for whoever come to this restaurant. They do have other food in menu, but I really crave for Laksa Sarawak at that time. 🙂



K , see u again next entry. Assalamualaikum.


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