Breath again


Hi!. This is my second blog as my previous blog can’t be access, might be due to expired email address. haih~

Actually, it has been 1 year I’ve not written anything on my blog. Such a long hiatus. My blog is like my online diary, so that one day (if i’m still living and breathing in this beautiful world) i can read again what i’ve jotted down in this blog, all the sweet, bitter and sour memories that i’ve experiencing in my life, and a place to pour down emotions, to lessen the burden in my heart.

Till then, take care. See u in the next entry. Have a nice day.

Good night.

p/s: I would like to improve my english skills in writing, hence most of my posts will be in english. (reader: hmmm…. like I care~ duhh.. kekeke)


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